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    Stories into Light is:

    Glyn Carter

    glynGlyn Carter
    Glyn’s passion for telling stories through film, firstly as a writer and then as producer, led him to set up Stories into Light. A background in business, publishing, and both the voluntary and public sector, gives him a sound but flexible approach to bringing film-making flair to corporate videos.

    Glyn is supported by a range of skilled specialists in cinematography, sound, film editing, website design and marketing.



    Our Values

    SiL endeavours to be environmentally responsible. We recycle, and use carbon-efficient and renewable energy where possible. We will be carbon-neutral by offsetting emissions with tree planting and renewable energy.

    SiL is a responsible employer, and also supports Hastings’ Own Grown scheme, which engages businesses in helping young people move into employment and careers. SiL will work with schools and colleges, offer work experience / tasters, and in due course, an apprenticeship. We undertake pro-bono work for charities, and give a portion of profits to Reall (ex-Homeless International) which supports urban housing and community projects in developing countries. (


    we believe that creativity is a collaborative process, and that everyone has something to offer, from corporate Chief Executives right through to volunteers.

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