Corporate Packages

SiL offers three basic packages, which we call the Cecil, B, and de Mille.

These can be tailored to meet your requirements, and we are happy to liaise with your marketing team and website designer.

A film for your home page should be different to your products or “about” pages. And something different again if it’s for You Tube. We can edit a single shoot to make different outputs for different platforms.

We will consult and get sign-off at key stages – we aim to produce something with you as much as for you.


Cecil B deMille
Concept & Scripting Client script after meeting SiL script after meeting Full concept development with storyboard
Shooting ½ day, 2 crew 1 day, 2 crew  2 day, 3 crew
Teleprompter Y  Y  Y
Voiceover Client Professional Professional
Graphics Client to source (own images, or non-copyright) Animated graphics from web library
visual effects
X Greenscreen available Greenscreen and effects
Music Non-copyright  Library or original
Edit Rough-cut edit and full revised edit
Output HD / SHD DVD/Blu-ray, 4k broadcast quality
Price (excl VAT)  £550  £1,250  £2,270

We can bring in specialist facilities such as underwater and aerial drone cameras, actors, 2nd camera, slow-motion and action filming, custom animated graphics, and higher production values such as tracking and colour grading.

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