This Way Madness

Matt discovers a swastika graffitied behind an old wardrobe in the house he’s doing up, triggering events that threaten to unravel his sanity and morality.

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Crunch Time

Five people locked in a warehouse. One gun lies on the floor between them. All will be killed except for the last one standing, as long as he or she can find the lost case of cash.


Glyn Carter

This Way Madness: Ghost story with a modern twist

This is an attractive opportunity to invest in a mainstream low-budget movie with commercial potential. Kevin Leslie (Rise of the Krays) and Max Rinehart (Miss You Already) are attached. Acclaimed director Mark J. Blackman brings flair and insight at the helm.

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Crunch TimeHunger Games meets Reservoir Dogs − gangland thriller of double- and triple-cross, betrayal, drug money and murder.

Mikey, his sister Angel and best mate Scott saw their chance to get out of the game, and take the drugs money with them. But plans unravelled amidst shifting loyalties, and now they must face the underworld’s most feared hit-men.

Unknown to anyone, a pregnant teenager hides in the warehouse too. How did she get there?  Will she get out?

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