Stories into Light can now offer filming equipment and kit hire to the film-making community.

Aimed at startup film-makers around Hastings and East Sussex, our hire service can provide all the basic kit you need to make high quality films, indoors or out. Just the talent is down to you!


Want to improve the professional look of your project? Perhaps it’s a one-off, or you’re new to the field and don’t yet want to invest in your own filming gear? 

Have you thought about:

  • 4K camera for a better picture, and editing flexibility?
  • Stabilisation aids for those cinematic tracking shots?
  • Lighting – 3-point lighting for mood and atmosphere?
  • Boomed mic/recorder to avoid the poor sound that can destroy your film?

Sample prices:

4k DSLR camera plus zoom lens: £100/day

Full digital sound recording kit: £50/day

Ronin M motorised gimbal mobile stabilisation

Basic filming kit: £240/day

For a full price list, click here

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