Short Films

Stories into Light has produced a slate of short films.

Pillow Talk is a webseries of (mainly) dark comedies, based on the premise that the bedroom is where we are most honest and most deceitful. Subscribe on You Tube or watch below. And see the blog for more info.


Centurion, the2015 MIFF Laurel Selection WHITE first in the Pillow Talk series, and A Changed Man, have both been selected for the Marbella International Film Festival

A Changed Man  He’s a changed man.  More than he knows.

Logan wants Belinda back. She agrees to meet in a restaurant – can he convince her that he’s reformed?

Too Old To  His wife had an affair, and he can’t even get angry.

Phil discovers his very ill 65-year old wife has been having an affair with an even older man.

The Gun Man  In law, you’re innocent until proven guilty. In life, when you’re guilty, you know it.

Gun enthusiast befriends a younger student. His ex-gangland buddies begin to suspect her motives. With Gordon Kennedy and Hayley-Marie Axe.

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